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  1. New features: offline support, Google Analytics, operator groups

    August 11th, 2008 - Category: Features | Comments Off on New features: offline support, Google Analytics, operator groups

    We’re pleased to announce some exciting new LiveLeader features.

    Improved offline messages. One of our most requested features has been better offline message support. We’ve now added support for this to all plans, including the free plan. Simply select Settings > Options to set an offline message. If you signed up a while ago, you’ll need to re-embed LiveLeader to see the change (click Settings > Embed code).

    Operator groups/departments. LiveLeader now lets you group operators together. This can be very useful if you want to divide chat requests between e.g. sales and technical support. Operator groups are available with the Enterprise plan. To set up an operator group, create a new template by selecting Settings > Customize > New template, and then select the Operators tab.

    Google Analytics support. Google Analytics is a free must-have for the webmaster of today. If you use Google Analytics on your web site, you can now tell LiveLeader to track chats. Simply select Settings > Options to switch on Google Analytics support. Each chat session will be tracked with the name of the operator, and the address of the current page. Google Analytics support requires the Enterprise plan.

    Customization improvements. In response to customer requests, we’ve added several ways you can customize LiveLeader:

    • Set a maximum number of concurrent chats per operator
    • Adjust the timeout for when operators are considered offline
    • Override all language strings used
    • Code your own offline notifications using HTML+CSS

    Note that not all customizations are available in the free plan.

    We’re all ears… If you have feature requests or suggestions for how we can improve LiveLeader, we’d love to hear from you:

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