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  1. New features: desktop client, data export, customization

    December 8th, 2008 - Category: Features | Comments Off on New features: desktop client, data export, customization

    We’re continually adding great new features to LiveLeader. Here are some recent additions:

    LiveLeader desktop client. We love web-based apps, but there are some things that you just can’t do with a browser. So we’re excited to announce a beta release of the LiveLeader desktop client.

    With the desktop client, LiveLeader can:

    • detect when you’re away from your computer, and change your status accordingly
    • start automatically when you log in
    • notify you even more clearly when a chat arrives

    The user interface is just the same as Install the free desktop client here.

    Data export API. With our new data export API, all the data we save about chats can now be accessed using a simple REST API. That means you can easily extract LiveLeader data for analysis, billing or integration purposes. Documentation for the API can be found here.

    Customize LiveLeader. Did you know that LiveLeader can be customized in many different ways? Here are some possibilities:

    • A chat button that triggers a chat popup window
    • Proactive chat invites (automatic chat invites that kick in after a certain time)
    • Capturing of extra user data with a form

    Get in touch with us if you want help with customizing LiveLeader, or have a look at the documentation.

    Custom visitor info. If you are deploying LiveLeader in a context where you are dealing with known users, it can be helpful for chat operators to have access to this information in the chat window. Or you might want to supplement the information LiveLeader provides about visitors with your own (e.g. whether the visitor is “consumer” or “business”). LiveLeader now provides a simple way to insert this information into a chat window. Have a look at this guide.

    (Note that not all features are available in all plans.)

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