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  1. New features: surveys, chat transcript

    May 25th, 2009 - Category: Features | Comments Off on New features: surveys, chat transcript

    We’ve rolled out some pretty cool new features in the past few days on LiveLeader, our next-generation live chat tool.

    Surveys (beta). Visitors can now be asked to fill out a survey form at the beginning or the end of a chat. LiveLeader now features a fully fledged form editor, which lets you easily build custom surveys. Surveys can include text inputs of various sizes, list selectors and checkboxes. Additionally, special question types can be used to capture the firstname, lastname and email address of visitors.
    The captured visitor response is available in different ways. The survey editor gives immediate access to all submitted data. Form input is also displayed in the the “Info” tab in chat windows. In addition, survey data will also appear in XML and Excel reports.
    Chat transcripts. In conjunction with the new survey functionality, visitors can now receive chat transcripts. For this to work, simply create a survey form that prompts the user for his or her email address. Transcripts can either be sent out automatically, or the user can be given the choice.

    Transcript email copies. Chat transcript emails can be copied to a separate email address. As long as the visitor leaves his or her email address, LiveLeader can send a copy of the chat transcript to a customizable email address. As with chat transcripts in general, how this email looks is completely customizable. The transcript email copies function is mainly intended to aid system integration. With this function, it is possible to create copies of all incoming chat requests, e.g. in an external CRM system.
    As always, we love getting feedback on new features, and ideas for further improvements.
  2. New feature: push page

    May 5th, 2009 - Category: Features | Comments Off on New feature: push page

    It has always been possible to send links to visitors in LiveLeader, but now you can “push” a page to a visitor as well.

    Chat windows now have a new Actions menu, where you can select Push page. Enter the internet address you’d like to send the visitor to, and hit Push. The chat will continue, but the user will be sent to the address you entered.

    How this appears to the user will depend on a couple of factors. If the chat window uses Continuous mode (which allows the chat window to “follow” the user around your site) and the address pushed is for your own site, the visitor will simply be redirected to the page in question. If the chat window uses Single page mode, or the address is external to your site, the address will be opened along with the chat window in a frameset (because LiveLeader supports embedded chats, and we have no way of embedding in a third-party site). If the chat takes place in a popup window, the opening window will be redirected.

    We’re delighted to get feedback on new features, and we frequently incorporate customer requests into the product. Let us know!

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