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  1. Using LiveLeader with Facebook

    July 17th, 2011 - Category: Features | Comments Off on Using LiveLeader with Facebook

    Internet users are spending incredible amounts of time on social networks. Facebook is of course the dominant one for now (but keep an eye on Google+, the search giant’s latest effort after a previous string of failures). Interacting with users on Facebook is becoming an important part of the marketing strategies of many companies. Many companies have created a Facebook Page to facilitate communication with their customers.

    Facebook supports live chat, but only for personal profiles. So until now, it has not been possible for users to chat directly on a Facebook Page.

    Enter the LiveLeader Facebook application. By adding this application to your company’s Facebook page, you can use LiveLeader to offer live chat to your customers with a single click. When LiveLeader is added to your Facebook page, your users will get the option to “Chat with us”.

    We’ve put together a simple guide to show you how to do this. In our experiments, it only takes about 60 seconds. You will need an Enterprise account, however.

    Chat with us

  2. New feature: end-user sound support

    July 16th, 2011 - Category: Features | Comments Off on New feature: end-user sound support

    We just released a frequently requested feature: sound support for end-users (i.e. the customer end of the chat).

    This is particularly useful when customers are waiting in line. Up until now, customers would have had to regularly check the chat window to check for a response. Now, they get an automatic sound alert, similar to what happens on the operator side.

    The new feature uses the HTML5 audio API, if this is available. Otherwise, it falls back to Flash.

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