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  1. Using LiveLeader with Facebook

    July 17th, 2011 - Category: Features | Comments Off on Using LiveLeader with Facebook

    Internet users are spending incredible amounts of time on social networks. Facebook is of course the dominant one for now (but keep an eye on Google+, the search giant’s latest effort after a previous string of failures). Interacting with users on Facebook is becoming an important part of the marketing strategies of many companies. Many companies have created a Facebook Page to facilitate communication with their customers.

    Facebook supports live chat, but only for personal profiles. So until now, it has not been possible for users to chat directly on a Facebook Page.

    Enter the LiveLeader Facebook application. By adding this application to your company’s Facebook page, you can use LiveLeader to offer live chat to your customers with a single click. When LiveLeader is added to your Facebook page, your users will get the option to “Chat with us”.

    We’ve put together a simple guide to show you how to do this. In our experiments, it only takes about 60 seconds. You will need an Enterprise account, however.

    Chat with us

  2. New feature: end-user sound support

    July 16th, 2011 - Category: Features | Comments Off on New feature: end-user sound support

    We just released a frequently requested feature: sound support for end-users (i.e. the customer end of the chat).

    This is particularly useful when customers are waiting in line. Up until now, customers would have had to regularly check the chat window to check for a response. Now, they get an automatic sound alert, similar to what happens on the operator side.

    The new feature uses the HTML5 audio API, if this is available. Otherwise, it falls back to Flash.

  3. New feature: visitor summaries

    November 12th, 2009 - Category: Features | Comments Off on New feature: visitor summaries

    Visitor summaries

    LiveLeader provides a wealth of information about visitors. Naturally, some bits of this information is more relevant than other bits. With the new visitor summary function, LiveLeader distills the most important information and displays it so it’s immediately visible to the operator.

    Based on feedback from you, we’ve also improved the email transcript function so you can use many new variables in the transcripts.

    The following variables can now be used:

    • $transcript$ – the transcript of the chat
    • $email$ – visitor’s email
    • $name$ – visitor’s full name
    • $firstname$ – visitor’s first name
    • $lastname$ – vsitor’s last name
    • $chatid$ – unique ID for the chat
    • $date$ – date/time, in default format: 26 Jun 2009 3:45 PM
    • $url$ – page on which the chat took place
    • $ip$ – customer IP
    • $keywords$ – search keywords, if any
    • $referrer$ – referring site, if any
    • $city$ – customer city
    • $country$ – customer country
    • $isp$ – customer ISP
    • $org$ – customer organization

    Many of these variables are most useful when used with email chat transcript copies, which is a simple way to integrate LiveLeader with any system cabable of capturing emails, like many CRM systems.

    LiveLeader now also automatically converts internet addresses (URLs) entered by the operator into clickable links. However, when an operator enters a long URL, this can take up a lot of space in the visitors chat window. From now on, LiveLeader automatically shortens long URLs on the visitor side.

    Another minor new feature is the ability to capture a visitor’s name with a single input field in our survey system. Previously, you had to use two inputs (firstname+lastname).

  4. Brushing up the website

    August 8th, 2009 - Category: Features | Comments Off on Brushing up the website

    We’ve redesigned and added a lot more content. In particular, check out:

    At LiveLeader we’re so busy adding great new features that we sometimes forget to tell you about them properly, but you can now read more about queues, surveys, and all the other features that make up LiveLeader.

  5. New customization tool

    August 1st, 2009 - Category: Features | Comments Off on New customization tool

    We just made it a good bit easier to customize LiveLeader chat windows and invites. As you see from the screenshot, LiveLeader now features a visual editor for chat windows. As of now, there are two look and feels to choose from, but we will be adding more in the coming months.

    The embed process has also become slightly easier. Instead of embedding specific settings, you now embed a reference to a template (or to the default template). This means you can easily change settings after a chat window has been deployed, without having to re-embed the code.

    Customization tool

    We’ve also made a short screencast to take you through the changes.

  6. New features: surveys, chat transcript

    May 25th, 2009 - Category: Features | Comments Off on New features: surveys, chat transcript

    We’ve rolled out some pretty cool new features in the past few days on LiveLeader, our next-generation live chat tool.

    Surveys (beta). Visitors can now be asked to fill out a survey form at the beginning or the end of a chat. LiveLeader now features a fully fledged form editor, which lets you easily build custom surveys. Surveys can include text inputs of various sizes, list selectors and checkboxes. Additionally, special question types can be used to capture the firstname, lastname and email address of visitors.
    The captured visitor response is available in different ways. The survey editor gives immediate access to all submitted data. Form input is also displayed in the the “Info” tab in chat windows. In addition, survey data will also appear in XML and Excel reports.
    Chat transcripts. In conjunction with the new survey functionality, visitors can now receive chat transcripts. For this to work, simply create a survey form that prompts the user for his or her email address. Transcripts can either be sent out automatically, or the user can be given the choice.

    Transcript email copies. Chat transcript emails can be copied to a separate email address. As long as the visitor leaves his or her email address, LiveLeader can send a copy of the chat transcript to a customizable email address. As with chat transcripts in general, how this email looks is completely customizable. The transcript email copies function is mainly intended to aid system integration. With this function, it is possible to create copies of all incoming chat requests, e.g. in an external CRM system.
    As always, we love getting feedback on new features, and ideas for further improvements.
  7. New feature: push page

    May 5th, 2009 - Category: Features | Comments Off on New feature: push page

    It has always been possible to send links to visitors in LiveLeader, but now you can “push” a page to a visitor as well.

    Chat windows now have a new Actions menu, where you can select Push page. Enter the internet address you’d like to send the visitor to, and hit Push. The chat will continue, but the user will be sent to the address you entered.

    How this appears to the user will depend on a couple of factors. If the chat window uses Continuous mode (which allows the chat window to “follow” the user around your site) and the address pushed is for your own site, the visitor will simply be redirected to the page in question. If the chat window uses Single page mode, or the address is external to your site, the address will be opened along with the chat window in a frameset (because LiveLeader supports embedded chats, and we have no way of embedding in a third-party site). If the chat takes place in a popup window, the opening window will be redirected.

    We’re delighted to get feedback on new features, and we frequently incorporate customer requests into the product. Let us know!

  8. New features: desktop client, data export, customization

    December 8th, 2008 - Category: Features | Comments Off on New features: desktop client, data export, customization

    We’re continually adding great new features to LiveLeader. Here are some recent additions:

    LiveLeader desktop client. We love web-based apps, but there are some things that you just can’t do with a browser. So we’re excited to announce a beta release of the LiveLeader desktop client.

    With the desktop client, LiveLeader can:

    • detect when you’re away from your computer, and change your status accordingly
    • start automatically when you log in
    • notify you even more clearly when a chat arrives

    The user interface is just the same as Install the free desktop client here.

    Data export API. With our new data export API, all the data we save about chats can now be accessed using a simple REST API. That means you can easily extract LiveLeader data for analysis, billing or integration purposes. Documentation for the API can be found here.

    Customize LiveLeader. Did you know that LiveLeader can be customized in many different ways? Here are some possibilities:

    • A chat button that triggers a chat popup window
    • Proactive chat invites (automatic chat invites that kick in after a certain time)
    • Capturing of extra user data with a form

    Get in touch with us if you want help with customizing LiveLeader, or have a look at the documentation.

    Custom visitor info. If you are deploying LiveLeader in a context where you are dealing with known users, it can be helpful for chat operators to have access to this information in the chat window. Or you might want to supplement the information LiveLeader provides about visitors with your own (e.g. whether the visitor is “consumer” or “business”). LiveLeader now provides a simple way to insert this information into a chat window. Have a look at this guide.

    (Note that not all features are available in all plans.)

  9. New features: offline support, Google Analytics, operator groups

    August 11th, 2008 - Category: Features | Comments Off on New features: offline support, Google Analytics, operator groups

    We’re pleased to announce some exciting new LiveLeader features.

    Improved offline messages. One of our most requested features has been better offline message support. We’ve now added support for this to all plans, including the free plan. Simply select Settings > Options to set an offline message. If you signed up a while ago, you’ll need to re-embed LiveLeader to see the change (click Settings > Embed code).

    Operator groups/departments. LiveLeader now lets you group operators together. This can be very useful if you want to divide chat requests between e.g. sales and technical support. Operator groups are available with the Enterprise plan. To set up an operator group, create a new template by selecting Settings > Customize > New template, and then select the Operators tab.

    Google Analytics support. Google Analytics is a free must-have for the webmaster of today. If you use Google Analytics on your web site, you can now tell LiveLeader to track chats. Simply select Settings > Options to switch on Google Analytics support. Each chat session will be tracked with the name of the operator, and the address of the current page. Google Analytics support requires the Enterprise plan.

    Customization improvements. In response to customer requests, we’ve added several ways you can customize LiveLeader:

    • Set a maximum number of concurrent chats per operator
    • Adjust the timeout for when operators are considered offline
    • Override all language strings used
    • Code your own offline notifications using HTML+CSS

    Note that not all customizations are available in the free plan.

    We’re all ears… If you have feature requests or suggestions for how we can improve LiveLeader, we’d love to hear from you:

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