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Now let me upload my Java app

April 8th, 2008 - Category: Misc | .

The market for outsourced application hosting just got a whole lot hotter. Google has launched Google App Engine, which lets you host your own app in Google’s infrastructure, taking advantage of highly scalable services like the Google File System and BigTable.

This competes head-on with Amazon‘s suite of web services. Google’s offering will be attractive because it does automatic scaling and load balancing. While Amazon-hosted apps are easy to scale, you have to roll your own load balancing, and that requires a little fiddling. With Google, it looks like you need not worry about scalability at all.

On the other hand, an application-oriented hosting service will likely be more limited than a server-oriented service like Amazon’s. Most likely, there will be a few limitations on which libraries you can use. For instance, they do not currently support threading.

So far, it’s Python only, although the platform is meant to be language-neutral. The question is: when can I upload my Java .WAR file?

Check out the Google App Engine blog

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