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New feature: visitor summaries

November 12th, 2009 - Category: Features | .

Visitor summaries

LiveLeader provides a wealth of information about visitors. Naturally, some bits of this information is more relevant than other bits. With the new visitor summary function, LiveLeader distills the most important information and displays it so it’s immediately visible to the operator.

Based on feedback from you, we’ve also improved the email transcript function so you can use many new variables in the transcripts.

The following variables can now be used:

Many of these variables are most useful when used with email chat transcript copies, which is a simple way to integrate LiveLeader with any system cabable of capturing emails, like many CRM systems.

LiveLeader now also automatically converts internet addresses (URLs) entered by the operator into clickable links. However, when an operator enters a long URL, this can take up a lot of space in the visitors chat window. From now on, LiveLeader automatically shortens long URLs on the visitor side.

Another minor new feature is the ability to capture a visitor’s name with a single input field in our survey system. Previously, you had to use two inputs (firstname+lastname).

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